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MEA June Newsletter

June 27, 2018

Here at MEA, June has been a busy month: we have digitized our documents, slightly expanded the team, and are preparing for an upcoming conference.  June has truly been full of experimentation and growth, and the list of news worthy items is far too long for every aspect to be covered in detail. Yet in this busy month, two items stand out as exceptionally news worthy.

First of all, MEA has been working to move its internet presence and public relations forward. This month, we have finally given our website the update it truly needed.  Working with Denver Website Designs, our new website is finally up and running. Through this platform, we believe the client experience will be more streamlined and maneuverable, as client satisfaction is one of our highest goals. We also believe our new website will help facilitate the personal aspect of any professional partnership. Our team bios now give you a glimpse into the lives of those you are working with, improving our partnership from the barebones structure of name and job title which our old website presented through for the last few years. Lastly, through the use of our blogs and newsletters, we hope to keep our clients and partners in the loop, especially in instances of unexpected, or unusual, business hours/closings. This also is our first newsletter through this new system, something we hope will keep our clients and partners informed on the news within MEA.

The second development, and without a doubt the most exciting development, has to do with our very own Mechanical/Plumbing designer Demian Go. It is will great pride we announce that Demian has taken the PE exam, and as of June has received the title of Professional Engineer. This remarkable accomplishment is the culmination of his dedication, perseverance, and hard work throughout his 20+ years in the engineering field. It is a reflection and commendation of his personal commitment to excellence, as well as the vast amount of knowledge and experience which he has put into each and every project he has worked on. We ask that you join us in congratulating Demian on this impressive achievement.