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June 2019 Newsletter

June 28, 2019

                 As the summer begins, we have noticed some new events within our neighborhood, the oddest of which is the miniature traffic jams caused by the neighborhood ducks warming themselves in the street.   This June, however, we don’t state with a new event in the office: we are resuming a paused initiative.  We have resumed our work on our website after a hiatus in content creation.  The hiatus here at MEA came from the absence of our PR editor, Spencer Aitken, who temporarily left MEA during the school year to finish his MA at Boston College.  With this in mind, we thought it best to resume our newsletters with a “greatest hits” style update about the changes and announcements at MEA.

                The first piece of news is that we would like to officially introduce the newest member of our team, William Scoggins.  William started with us last June, and has since become a fundamental part of our electrical design team, as well as an integral part of our construction observation and property condition assessment teams.  William graduated from Fort Lewis College with his Bachelor of Science and currently holds the title of EI.  Before MEA, William worked at the Parker Water and Sanitation District, where he got valuable hands on experience of how utility systems work.  We all here have thoroughly enjoyed having him in our offices, and we are excited to see how he grows while here at MEA.                Our business has also grown in the last year slightly.  We are happy to announce that MEA, through our Vice President, Michael Aitken, PE, is now licensed in Wyoming.  With this new state, the firm is now licensed, either for all facets of MEP design or just Mechanical and Plumbing, to operate in 29 states.  We are excited for this opportunity, and look forward to showing the state of Wyoming our ability.

                Last piece of news also concerns Michael Aitken, PE.  Michael has been serving as the National President for the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) for the 2018-2019 year.  This upcoming July, Michael will end his term and become the immediate Past President for NSPE.  This last year has seen a tremendous amount of work on Michael’s part, from presentations to conference calls to state conferences.  Michael originally started serving NSPE at a national level in order to affect national change, as well as to meet the members across the nation.  Michael has succeeded in this: he has traveled to 31 states (many of which he visited multiple times) since his election in 2015 as Southwest Regional Director, as well as visiting the territories of Puerto Rico and Guam, and representing NSPE abroad in both Canada and Japan, helping to foster cooperation and reciprocated support between NSPE and their equivalent organizations.  In his time, he has also spoken to some key guiding principles that he hoped would guide his presidency.  Through his articles, he spelled these ideals as trust, communication, and volunteering, ideals both for himself as a national officer and for the field as a whole.  These are guiding principles we hope to embody here at MEA as well, and we could not be prouder of Michael and all the work he has done to improve the national environment for engineers.  As his presidency comes to a close, we would like to congratulate him on a well-served term and thank him for all his dedication to our field.

Featured Image Courtesy of NSPE and Kelly Ann Gull.